You know we’re in trouble when….

….the politicians start apologising for telling the truth.

Am I the only person who finds this particular news story shocking for a different reason to why it’s supposed to be shocking?

The headline ‘MP’s rations remark offensive’ seems to completely miss the really outrageous part of this story – the fact that a politician unreservedly apologised for stating his honest and thoughtful opinion on a situation. I don’t really see how his comments could have been construed as offensive in the first place. It’s factual. Why should people take offence at him ‘whingeing about his pay and conditions?’ – that’s what everyone in the world, aside from perhaps  self-employed billionaires do – and have the absolute right to do – on a daily basis.

Politicians are not paid unrealistic salaries for the stresses and demands of the job. In fact, they (some of them) probably deserve more for it which is why this whole expenses row cropped up in the first place – expenses having become a little loophole in lieu of some kind of publically scrutinised bonus or raise.

I think what Alan Duncan said was absolutely right and any politician knows it to be essentially fact. The appropriate saying – and accepted knowledge – is ‘You pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. The argument that many politicians are monkeys is not relevant to this issue. The point is that he said something honest, logical, reasonable, truthful and offensive only to the most pathetic of idiots with a chip on their shoulder.

I want to vote for the kind of person who says this not just in confidence but in front of a camera to the nation. It takes conviction and, in this age, an amount of bravery to voice such a truth. I am not claiming that Mr Duncan has either – in fact, he clearly doesn’t – he was unaware of being filmed and his retraction is one of the oiliest, slimiest, weaseliest, most pathetic pieces of twattishness I have ever seen. Any respect I might have had for him in his initial proclamation vanished instantly when he couldn’t even construct a more dignified retraction than claiming he was joking.

Any politician who disagrees with him is doing so merely to tell the public what they think the public wants to hear. This, obviously is David Cameron’s entire campaign approach and I find it absolutely vulgar.

Lying is actually part of a politician’s job. Well, a politician in government at least. There have to be lies, half-truths and evasion – sometimes in the interest of national security and other times because the public as a collective entity is a big uneducated arrogant whiney self-indulgent idiot who would not understand or know how to intelligently process most of the information the government is dealing with at any one time.

When our politicians start publically apologising for privately exercising their right to free speech… well, that’s when we know we’re in trouble.

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