Reasons to be cheerful (Part 4)

I’m not having a great day.

I won’t bore you (or sate your insidious noseyness) with the details but I woke up with a little grey cloud over my head, took it to the gym with me, came home to find another little grey cloud waiting for me, created a third little grey cloud as a direct response and now apparently have my own little eco-system.

I got to work (late) and, logging on to Twitter found a link to this article…

…posted by Tom Humberstone ( ) Which was, strangely, exactly what I needed. I don’t think I’ve ever so quickly had an ailment of the soul antidoted. The little list at the end there reminded me of one of my favourite songs as a nipper. This one…

…ach, since I’m posting Ian Dury clips, I can’t leave out this one. I’ve got a feeling this is the first song I ever fell in love with. …

So, for the first – and probably only – time on Grumptimism, here is a list of things about modern life which are not only not rubbish but are fucking brilliant…

Ipods,  Radio 4, Radio 2, Radio 6, the concept (if not the output) of the BBC, BBC iplayer, youtube, wikipedia,, being able to play scrabble online, being able to play my drums at 3am, music, music, music, – this may take a while – ‘May You Never’ by John Martyn, absolutely everything by The Pogues (yes, including the album without Shane), every band that ever came from Oxford (except Shirley), KISS then, Sex Pistols now, every hallowed moment of The Last Waltz, Cheap Trick album covers (pretty guys on the front, ugly guys on the back) Cheap Trick live at Budokan! sushi (and the dream that one day they will deliver), chinese fake meat at The Pink Giraffe, pizza at Fratellis, friends in other countries, trains, driving, Edinburgh, Scottish highlands, DOCTOR WHO! original Star Wars triogy, BRIAN BLESSED! action figures! extra features on DVDS! remastered classic albums with bonus tracks, those ‘classic albums’ dvds, ghost stories, cottages, the countryside, old people who smile and say ‘Good Morning!’ all animals and some fish, shagging, showering, weeing, farting, high-fives, really good handshakes, all forms of sincere cuddles, most kissing, walking really slowly (ambling), standing on the back of a shopping trolley and gliding down the aisle, some weddings, the sound of a whole Jewish community harmonising in song in a synagouge, judaism in general (not the blokes in the hats with the curly bits, though. Why must some people ruin the beauty of religion by taking it so seriously. Ooops… litle bit grumpy there…..) The Incredible Hulk, The Goon, Scott Pilgrim, any film directed by Albert Brooks, ET, American Werewolf, Tootsie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, everyone who has ever worked for Videosyncratic (except for those I fired – not including Liam, who is ace), blue jeans, black t-shirts, woolly hats, THE WINTER!!!! snow and rain and hail and fog and mist and all the weather we do so well in this country, Doc Marten boots, Heinz baked beans – on toast, with cheese, farmers markets, good craft fairs, things made of wood, open fires, closed fires, fireworks, families (especially big sisters), old photos of family, photos of you with your friends, my friends, memories, mammories, mimicry, the HAHA in Bury Knowle Park, collecting things, keeping things, sharing things, making things, smashing things to pieces, playing with toys! playing with toys with kids! hanging out with little Tom and being called Jomp, calling people stupid names, MAKING FILMS! films about films,  going to nerdfests, parcels from Amazon, record shops, book shops, toy shops, VIDEO SHOPS, the chug-chug-chug canal boats make, getting a text message, London, Paris, New York, home. Yetis and cupcakes. past and future.

So it’s not all bad.

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