Give ’em enough rope.

I generally detest talk radio.

I like radio and I like discussion based political programmes, I just don’t like the ones which announce ‘the phone lines are open – what do you think?’ Because the general public are a bunch of uneducated, reactionary shitboxes and these shows neither develop the actual discourse or draw a conclusion. It’s just hours and hours of incensed Daily Mail reading idiots applying broad issues they don’t understand to the painfully narrow focus of their own lives.

Nowhere else, outside of provincial barbershops and barbecues fuelled by Stella Artois and Tesco value meat are the phrases ‘I’m not racist, but….’ ‘I’m entitled to my opinion’ and the perennial ‘It’s political correctness gone maaaaaad’ churned out with such alacrity.

In the car this afternoon, I caught this show…

At around the 36 minute mark, Vine starts his piece on the BNP conceding the court case which means they will have to allow people of all colours and nationalities to join their party.

I’ve always believed that the best way to deal with the BNP is with calm dismissal. Everytime the left wing marches against them, barricades their appearances, complains about giving them a platform, it gives them a veneer of legitimacy to their claim that they (like the white British, in their beliefs) are being discriminated against and targeted. It fuels the dim suspicion in the dim-minded observer that maybe the indigenous caucasians of this country are being forgotten and under represented.

I’ve always felt the most effective way of dealing with idiots is giving them some space to be an idiot, letting everyone else say ‘oh, they’re idiots’ and not adding fuel to the idiot fire. There is nothing the BNP can say without lying to refute the simple central truth which is that they are racists. And when they DO lie, they tie themselves up in spiralling desperate ropes of racist logic.

Their current bid to be taken seriously as a political party is hilarious and if we just let them talk for long enough, ask a few simple questions of them and go into areas where they are winning support and calmly point out that they are just racists and have no workable ideaologies and absolutely no experience or potential to be able to actually run the country in any way. Even if they managed to remove all the non-whites, would they really have a clue about the economy, education and global politics? Of course not, they are uneducated, shaved racist apes.

Vine’s piece was brilliant. at no point did he get angry or even notably pointed with Deputy Leader of the BNP Simon Derby. He just let him talk and debate with comedian Paul Sinha. Derby talks at first amiably about ‘the right to an identity’ which strikes me as bizarre rhetoric but quickly gets riled at Sinha’s level-headed rebuttal to the notion that ‘preserving a culture isn’t racist’. His response to the allegation ‘you are a racist party, you’re just not publicly a racist party’ is to blather on about ‘are you a comedian? because you’re not very funny’.

Any real politician would have a well-worded, well-rehearsed response to such an allegation or would have a deft plan of avoidance. Derby turns into a complete bozo. Reasserting over and over his ‘are you a comedian’ defence. Eventually Vine steps in, asking ‘there’s nothing in your constitution about comedians, is there?’ Derby then alleges he lost his cool because of Sinha’s display of ‘extreme anti-white vitriol’.

Even a devout racist would listen to Derby with an expression of slack-jawed confusion. Where was the extreme? Where was the anti-white? Where was the vitriol? This man’s an idiot. The least we demand from our crappiest politicians is that they can at least lie to us somewhat convincingly. By all means, accuse him of that if we hadn’t all just heard exactly what he said but… to say that… right after?

It strikes me that the BNP has two potential courses of action if they want to succeed. The first would be to just say ‘Yes, we’re racists, specifically we hate people whose skin is a different colour, we don’t really understand why we feel this way – maybe we weren’t cuddled enough when we were children – but we hate these people anyway and we’d like to kill them but will settle for putting them in countries where people look more like them. If you feel this way too, vote for us and we’ll try to do that’. There are lots of racists in this country, this kind of honesty could rally them to the polling stations. The BNP’s other option is to lie. Racism has too many negative connotations, so claim to NOT be racist but to be anti-immigration, pro re-patriation and basically put the UK before any notions of Europe or the world. Pretend to be sorting this country out. This could actually work. They’d have to accept the rights of British-born people with different colour skin but could probably stem the flow of immigration quite effectively. The thing is, to do that, they’d have to be able to LIE REALLY WELL.

And they can’t. Because they’re fuckwits.

They can’t even find a rhetoric to hide behind or control themselves for 30 seconds when a man with different coloured skin states simply that they’re racist. and this is their DEPUTY LEADER.

Vine brilliantly closes the piece by asking Derby

“You feel closer to a white Polish person than to a black British person, is that correct?”

To which even the most inexperienced an politician would reply “That is a ridiculous question”, “it’s a more complex issue than that” or simply restate a piece of party-line rhetoric. Derby thinks for a second and answers…



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  1. Sure you’ve seen this but in case you haven’t:

    Stewart Lee on “political correctness gone mad” – a minor part of your post but I’m sure you’ll appreciate it if you haven’t seen it.

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