Soundtracks Of My youth: PART TWO

OK, I’m rested from the incredulity of the last installment. Let’s see what other treats/dark secrets the Jon of 1986-1988 has been hiding for the past couple of decades.

Yeah, I actually remember buying this and questioning if it weren’t a bit ‘girly’ at the time. I really liked Grease when I was 10. I haven’t seen it in years and when the special edition was recently released on DVD in the US in matching leather T-Bird and polyester Pink Lady jackets, I found myself gleefully clicking the Amazon ‘add to basket’ button before being whisked back 23 years to the very same ‘hang on, isn’t this a bit girly?’ dilemma. I decided to not buy them. What does that say about me? (rhetorical question, thank you very much) Was I less restrained and liberated to follow my whims boldly, unfettered by the reactions of others as a 10 year old? Or was I just a pathetic little girly girl? Am I bullying myself at this point? oh fucking hell, now I’m looking to see if those DVDs are still available on Amazon. They are. Why am I dredging up all this crap? Some things are best left in the soundtrack box of youth.

This isn’t as bad as it seems. I think I just didn’t have the mental dexterity to realise that what I really wanted was to just buy a Randy Newman album. I still think the title song is a really good one. Listen…

Actually that’s far rubbisher than I remember. With really annoying instrumentation. Oh well. I wonder how the film itself holds up. Hmmm.

Oh god…

Actually, I won’t apologise. This is a really good film. I just, instead of having a flash to the brilliance of the film itself, had a flash to this…

Call it kike-rage but it kind of pisses me off that a film about the Jewish diaspora has it’s lead song sung by two conspicuously un-semitic talents. Come on! Imagine that song performed by Neil Diamond and Bette Midler! That would be AMAZING! Anyway, although I’m not about to crank the volume and take this one for a spin, I’m glad I bought it! It’s the purchase decision of a young boy embracing his heritage through the medium of animated mice. Mice! Vermin! Ugh, they really didn’t think this film through, did they?

Wahey! I’ll stick up for this one too. It’s a great album. Back in the days before I was unburdened by the knowledge that it is more socially acceptable to proclaim your love for the BNP than for Phil Collins, I had much toe-tapping pleasure to this one. Plenty of 60’s classics on it, an enjoyably naff Four Tops number and finishing on a deliciously rubbish moment of Collins jacket ‘n’ jeans intimacy…

He’s loving that fag, isn’t he?

I just remembered that this very LP kicked off a huge argument when I got it. I’d asked for it for my 12th birthday and when I unwrapped it, immediately noticed the cellophane had been pre-cut and discovered that my mum and sister had both taken cassette recordings of it, which they had been enjoying for weeks. This still seems hugely unacceptable to me. I’m actually getting angry about it again. Deep breaths. OK. Do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually even seen the film. I wonder if it’s any good. Hmm. Might have to track a copy down.

YES! Oh god, I LOVED this film. I loved it so so so much. I saw it three times at the cinema. I had never seen anything funnier. Amongst the other crap in my cupboard I also found the Dragnet ‘poster magazine’. I loved poster magazines. A magazine about a film that unfolded into a giant poster OF that film? Genius! GENIUS!!! Anyway. I just found the trailer for it…

Am I wrong or did it have a shot of Tom Hanks offering the international ‘wanker’ gesture? AND it had another wank joke in it ‘all that repression – must be what keeps your hair up’ – that’s a wanking joke, right? I think I must have missed a lot of the real gags in this flick. Maybe I should watch it again. There are just 5 songs on this LP. One of which is apparently performed by Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. Oh my god. Oh my GOD.


They made a music video. Prepare yourself for… TOM HANKS RAPPING…. and… there’s… DANCING. and just… watch…

I think we should all take a moment and then reconvene.

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