Soundtracks Of My Youth: PART THREE

Another slightly odd one. I really adored the film, I remember seeing it three times in the cinema and I was mad about Monty Python. There are no songs on this, though. For some reason, I can recall the main title music of this really well and it’s quite nice in a coastal French acoustic guitar kind of way but I can’t imagine ever having sat down to listen to it.

Now we’re talking! What an album. Queen did the soundtracks to two films (no, Biggles does not count); Flash Gordon and Highlander and both films – and indeed soundtracks – stay very close to my heart. Particularly enjoyable is the art on the inner sleeve…

…which makes it look like every member of Queen is actually in a completely different band with only Freddie being an actual member of Queen. Brian May looks like a pub-rocker of several years previous, Roger Taylor looks like he’s in Duran Duran (or one of their dads) and John Deacon appears to belong in Black Lace, pumping out the bassline for Agadoo.

Once more, I have no IDEA why I would have bought this. I remember not even actually liking the film! Interestingly (or not, I wouldn’t fight about it) the bulk of the soundtrack is by Harold Faltermeyer who is the man behind ‘Axel F’ the ‘DUNH DUNH DUH-DUH-DUH-DUHDUH’  Beverley Hills Cop theme, he also wrote the theme for Top Gun. A synth-pop legend. But ‘Bit by Bit (Theme From Fletch)’ doesn’t immediately spring to mind, does it? Here it is being performed at the time…

The chorus seems to be ‘Have you heard the news, making all the headlines, Fletch is working overtime’. The audience seem to be politely indifferent, don’t they? Rubbish.

Brilliant record! I listened to this endlessly. I never even really liked the main Ray Parker Jr theme, it was the other tracks I adored. ‘Savin’ The Day’ by Alessi and ‘Cleanin’ Up The Town’ by The Bus Boys being the apostrophe’d highlights.

This, however, is far less forgivable. Just 5 short years later and the Ghostbusters apparently went ‘hood’. The theme ‘On Our Own’ by Bobby Brown is lamentable, see..

What’s Donald Trump doing in there, eh? That’s MAD! Ray Parker’s theme is awkwardly described as ‘performed and rap by RUN D.M.C.’ and there’s a track by an ensemble calling themselves ‘Doug. E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew’ – which sounds suspiciously like an abandoned Colgate promotion idea.

Not much to say. I loved Indiana Jones. Amusingly, Spielberg has written a little essay on the back about it and sounds like an absolute tit! Here he is describing the track ‘Grail Knight Theme’: ‘written in the English, pastoral, idiom, in major modes with very positive intervals to the scherzo, underlining the father and son exploits in a brilliant, driving 6/8-time orchestral idiom.’ Yeah, whatever, Steve.

I have no idea why I would buy the Jaws 2 soundtrack and not the original but I did. On the back of my copied, stamped in gold is a print stating ‘PROPERTY OF EMIR – DEMONSTRATION ONLY – NOT FOR SALE’. I find myself far more interested in who Emir was, how exactly he demonstrated the Jaws 2 soundtrack (‘it looks like a flat piece of black plastic, but one simply starts the turntable and drops the needle and finds oneself transported to the terrifying coasts of Amity Island!’) and who the hell ignored his wishes and sold it to that chubby little 12 year old, eh? We might never know.

Jesus, I forgot this film even existed! I can’t believe for the life of my I would have bothered seeing it in the cinema. I only remember seeing any of it at all on TV about 10 years ago and turning it off after a couple of minutes. How strange. Maybe I just liked Dan Aykroyd’s soundtrack contributions. Although, disappointingly, there is no music video atrocity to accompany this, here is his contribution to this record…

I think, once again, Dan Aykroyd is a convenient place to take a break from this.

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  1. Don’t you remember Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew? I do. I’ve never been allowed to forget Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew.

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