Soundtracks Of my Youth: PART FOUR

Seems a random one to own but Rain Man was one of the first ‘grown up’ films I really felt a connection with so I can imagine wanting to ‘own’ a piece of it. I saw it a bunch of times in the cinema. I would imagine I bought it for the song Beyond The Blue Horizon, which has always been one of my favourites and this was a good few years before I found Mike Nesmith’s definitive version of that song. I still find it kind of baffling how I’d buy soundtracks for one song rather than the artists’ own albums but I guess this was a few years before my music geekery would kick in and I was totally devoted to films. The rest of the album is a baffling mix of Bananarama and Ian Gillan.

Another one that just leaves me with both hands in the air, mouth agape and utterly baffled. I don’t understand why anyone would even think releasing this as an album was a good idea, let alone why I would ever have bought it. This is one of the ones that I look at and think ‘I must be the only person in the world who owns a copy of this thing!’ Who would ever buy this? there aren’t even any songs on it, it’s just score. I can’t stop looking at it as if a clue is going to suddenly leap up and some neural pathway will click into place and I’ll go ‘Ah YES! THAT’S why I own a copy of the Roxanne soundtrack!’ Bah!

And just when I think I can’t be more confused, the box of vinyl cranks it up a gear and blows my mind….

I’m Jewish.

I’m a Jewish person who has never celebrated Christmas.

I’m a Jewish person who has never celebrated Christmas and finds everything associated with it soulless and tacky.

Why do I fucking own this???? It has an Aled Jones song on it! And a Sheena Easton one! And one by Kaja (who it turns out were Kajagoogoo after they decided to become more grown up)! I would NEVER have listened to this. Just NEVER. This is MENTAL. I mean, Steve Martin soundtracks, Dan Aykroyd soundtracks I can just about stretch my mind around and go ‘well, it’s odd, but fine…’ I can even ascribe the Fatal Attraction soundtrack to some strange psychological desire to see grown-up films or SOMETHING.  But SANTA CLAUS THE MOVIE? I’m not even convinced I’ve ever seen the film the whole way through. But even if I had, I wouldn’t have connected with it. I’d remember that, surely. This is weird and horrible.

Another Christmas one but I’m fine with this one. I remember buying it because despite it being a brilliant film (and really the only decent Christmas film until Elf came along 20 years later) I really liked the Annie Lennox & Al Green single which the film closed with. Obviously that seems a bit ropey now but looking at the back cover yielded some pleasant surprises. Two of my current favourite musicians crop up performing intriguing cover versions. Robbie Robertson of The Band performing solo their only seasonal offering ‘Christmas Must Be Tonight’ – which is one of the few seasonal songs I can stomach. Then New York Dolls’ lead singer David Johansen in his Buster Poindexter guise performing Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl. Intriguing.

Fuck it, every 12 year old movie geek of the 80’s should own a Superman soundtrack. I remember being blown away by the artwork. It’s a really good painting! I’m still kind of impressed, actually. That’s really good.

Oh man, I LOVED this film and I LOVED this soundtrack. I just thought it was the funniest film ever ever ever made ever. I had the poster up in my bedroom for ages. I mean – come on – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as TWIN BROTHERS – that’s ridiculous… that’s HILARIOUS! You know what? I bet I’d still love it. I haven’t seen it in at least 15 years but I could probably still rattle it off line-for-line. Oh god, it was BRILLIANT. I bet it’s just awful now. Ugh, I should watch it again. Anyway, take in on my recommendation, it’s quite the album! From the theme song by Little Richard and Philip Bailey…

…and by, the way, how great is it that the director of that music video clearly said ‘oh, just dance’ to Schwarzenegger & DeVito and THAT is what they came up with? I love it! other choice cuts from this one are ‘Yakety Yak’ by 2 Live Crew (from the excellent scene on the plane where Schwarzenegger is singing along, in his Austrian monotone) and ‘I’d Die For This Dance’ from the film’s romantic high point. This scene…

Oh god, it still makes me laugh. There’s a deeply uncomfortable amount of ass-grabbing in that scene and a very strange and creepy boy/girl pelvic exchange move. Poor old Chloe Webb must have been giving it all the acting she’d got to convincingly play any form of romance with Danny DeVito but it’s still really making me laugh. Probably not a good thing.

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