Dealing with it.

Just a quickie.

I got a letter today from a production company called RDF Television. It turns out that they’re making another series of a show I’ve never heard of called ‘Secret Dealers’. The letter says that they’re ‘looking for contributors who have interesting homes full of antiques and collectibles to take part in the second series’.

I could see why someone might send them to me and I probably know enough people in the lower echelons of media to believe I was put up for it (who was it? confess!) but the premise of the show both angers and chills me….

‘the show will see antiques expert Kate Bliss and her team of professional antique dealers visit the home and unearth treasures such as; antique jewellery and silver; period furniture; vintage children’s (sic) toys; high calibre artwork and pieces of decorative art and unusual collections.

Our professional dealers will make you an on-the-spot cash offer for EVERY item they want to buy. You must decide whether to sell your items to the dealers for the cash offers made or whether to hold on to your treasures. There is the potential to make thousands of pounds in just ONE hour!’

That’s a really shit concept. How did this even make it to a first series? The very notion of having a collection implies that, firstly, YOU WANT IT and, secondly, you know what it’s worth and how best to sell it if needs be. This programme sounds like the Daytime TV equivalent of Cash For Gold. The idea of letting an ITV1 team into my house to poke through my stuff and offer to buy the best of it on-the-spot is kind of mind-blowing.

I think I’ll stick to Ebay, thanks.  Not that I’ll be parting with ANY of my ‘treasures’.

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