An Open Letter To Emma Kennedy.

Hi Emma,

I’m writing this as an open letter so as not to incur whatever retribution you promised should I email you again.

It’s been an odd day on Twitter and I’ve tried to avoid fanning the flames above directing people to my blog which I wrote because I wanted transparency in the situation. You were accusing me of harassment and rather than have my reputation completely unfairly sullied, I decided to make the whole thing public – having nothing to hide.

You’ve said in your subsequent tweets that you have a history of “men on twitter being rude, being blocked, going nuts, tracking me down, emailing and then whipping up a fricking storm” I’m sorry to hear this and didn’t know that I was in any way adding to a longstanding issue. It was never my intention. I’d hoped the tone of the initial email I sent was not ‘nuts’ but conciliatory. It was rewarded by hostility on your part but I guess I now understand where that came from and, again, I’m sorry if I made you felt harassed.

I wrote the blog about the situation to get it out in the open and be able to state my case clearly. you have 100 times more followers than me, so if you write something negative about me, it has an effect. I needed my response, my position, to be available.

I do think it’s obvious from my initial email that I still had respect for you and hoped to resolve and be done with the matter.

Today, you’ve dragged it into a strange public forum and have spent a lot of energy in saying untrue, unkind and recklessly libelous things about me.

These are the things that you have said which are UNTRUE:

@mr_clark he was HARRASSING me


@mr_clark Well, you weren’t at the receiving end of it for HOURS ON END. Still, good that you’re picking up the baton eh?


@mr_clark He tracked down my email after hours of hounding me. Do you think that’s acceptable?


@oneofthosefaces That and fact he’s quite deliberately omitted my three tweets that set that argument in proper context


@dombeno And after he tracked down my email like a mentalist. Yes


@dombeno Yes. I have read his blog that he wrote after not leaving me alone for hours on end. Yes


@rosslawhead Could you please ask your friend to stop sending people my way to chuck abuse at me. I’m getting sick of this


@hagenilda YOu should read his emails to me. They’re vile




1. I completely apologise if I made you feel harassed but I was not harassing you. I certainly wasn’t ‘HARASSING’ you. I think the emails illustrate that fine.


2. You were not at the receiving end of anything from me for ‘HOURS ON END’. You weren’t silent and bombarded. We tweeted to each other on the matter for a couple of hours. You were NOT on the ‘receiving’ end, it was an interaction where you gave not just as good as you got but with demonstrably greater aggression and nastiness.


3. It’s weird to paint it as me ‘tracking down your email’ after ‘hounding’ you – I simply clicked on the public ‘contact’ button of the public website you list in your public twitter profile. As much as it might strengthen your position to paint me as some kind of a stalker, I simply am not.


4. I genuinely don’t know which three tweets you’re suggesting I’ve deliberately omitted – show me them and I will gladly add them to the original blog post.


5. I didn’t send anyone your way to abuse you. I just posted that blog. Any responses you’ve had – from friends of mine or strangers – are people acting entirely on their own volition.


6. The fact that you LIED to hagenilda about me sending you ‘vile’ emails before you realised I’d actually posted our whole correspondence is shameful. Shameful.


I’m a person you don’t know who disagreed with something you posted online. When I tried to extend an olive branch, you accused me of harassment and have now spent the best part of a whole day writing libelous, slanderous bile on twitter about me.


You know nothing about me, yet you’re happy to create an image of me to 40,000 plus people that I’m the kind of person who hounds women for hours online before tracking down their email and harassing them with vile emails.


That is not me. Our correspondence clearly shows that that is not me.


The initial issue we disagreed over (which I still don’t think we actually do disagree about, you’re just unwilling to consider what I was actually saying) is no longer an issue to me. I really don’t care about your opinions or trying to change them at all.


I want you to stop posting unwarranted, malicious, slanderous, reckless things about me right now.


I’m sorry I don’t fit the profile of someone you would prefer to have disagreeing with you – some odious misogynistic stalker with an axe to grind against you and all other women.


I’m just someone who disagreed with a post you made.


I can’t fathom why you have responded in the manner you have. I totally apologise for having somehow exacerbated this situation, I’d like it done with and I would truly appreciate it if you’d re-read our correspondence and your responses and hopefully see that the right thing to do right now is to make it clear to your followers that I’ve been rather misrepresented by the things you have written today.


If they continue, I’ll explore legal options.








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  1. While I was writing that letter, Emma added:

    @AOuthit If ANYONE blocked me on here, the last thing I’d do would be to then email them. I think it’s the act of mentals

    – She hadn’t informed me she’d blocked me.

    @AOuthit that’s not the point really. He did it because he wanted to carry on arguing. Very aggressive

    – The email she refers to (my first in the initial blog) is obviously neither aggressive or trying to carry on arguing.

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