Please Let This Be The Last Emma Kennedy Post….

After a peaceful week and a lovely couple of days in Cardiff, I’d almost forgotten about the Emma Kennedy rubbish but I arrived home to a new email from her. I tried to keep the correspondence short and polite but she’s now gone on Twitter and posted up a storm accusing me of dragging her mother into it and apparently talking about my penis!

So, once again, so you can make your own mind up about it all, here is our correspondence.

Emma is in italics

Jon is in bold

Hello Jon

I’m sorry I have to email you again but I would appreciate it greatly if you would remove any mention of my mother from your blog.

I don’t see why you felt the need to mention her at all.
The person to whom she was referring was a man called ********* who stalked me for two years.
Thank you.
Emma Kennedy

Hi Emma,

I went back and looked at the blog, willing to make changes had I been unkind, but I can’t see anything there that could be considered offensive. I didn’t actually write about your mother, I just quoted you. The only reason I wrote those blog posts were to record and make available our correspondence since I felt you were embarking on a tactic of misrepresenting the nature of the conversation and my conduct.

For that reason I’ve decided to leave the complete correspondence up there un-edited.

I’m not doing so to be hurtful or spiteful, I just feel that you turned a debate into a public conflict and as such, it probably wouldn’t be wise to lower my defences. No offence was, or is, intended.

All the best,


The only person who turned this into a public debate was you.
The tweet where I quote my mother had nothing whatsoever to do with you or this ridiculous spat. Please remove it. I do not want my mother mentioned in any context on your site.
Thank you

I’m not going to edit the blog.


Right. So you’re happy to represent an elderly woman as making a personal jibe about your appearance and in so doing make her look like an arsehole when she wasn’t talking about you and is oblivious to your existence? Correct?
This just requires a yes or no answer Jon


Thank you

So, as I sit at the computer to edit the blog, I then receive this…

Wow. I am told you are trying to sell your dvd off the back of my mother.
What an amazing man you are


I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.
I see on Twitter you’re again trying to spread misrepresentative slander about me. I have no choice but to answer that by posting this latest batch of correspondence.

Let. It. Go.


Please do Jon. You come out of this very well

So that’s that.


**************UPDATED FRIDAY 20TH JANUARY 2012*************

Hi Emma,

I’m writing to you for the last time – to put an end to our correspondence.
i will not reply or respond to you on email or Twitter and I respectfully request that you cease to make any further reference to me in a public forum.  if you do persist with your commentary on me or this issue I shall have to seek further formal advice.

I think you’ll agree we’ve exhausted the subject.

This situation isn’t doing either of us any favours. So this is our handshake and let’s call it a day,

Best wishes,


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